Series T25: Semi Automatic 25 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press

The Semi Automatic 25 Ton Pellet Press is available to busy laboratories requiring a Pellet Press with intermediate force, simple operation and not alot of counter space.

Makes XRF Sample Pellets Easy

  Compact counter top installation


  Two Button Operation

Digital Display

Self-Centering die and alignment platform

Programmable Force

Accepts 13, 32, 35, 40 and 45mm die sets (sold separately)

Safety Shield


The Semi-Automatic 25 Ton Pellet Press is the perfect fit for those labs processing XRF or FTIR samples where intermediate pelletizing force is required along with automated operation and without a lot of bench space or requires the pellet press to be moved between different locations.

The 25 Ton Semi-Automatic SpectroPress® is powered pellet press that simplifies operations with a programmable digital display and two buttons for operation.  The desired force is programmed in the digital display and simply press the Up button to start the pelletizing cycle. The operator then presses the Down button to release the force and allow pellet to be removed. The new 25 Ton Semi-Automatic SpectroPress® features a compact lightweight design which fits on a benchtop and may be easily moved.

This 25 Ton SpectroPress® easily accepts different die sets (sold separately) enabling the user to make 0.51" (13mm), 1.26" (32mm) , 1.38" (35mm), 1.57" (40mm) and 1.77" (45mm) die pellets with ease.

The Chemplex® Semi-Automatic 25 Ton SpectroPress® Pellet Press is designed with unsurpassed features truly representative of current technology, innovation, quality and functionality:

Digital display for force readout, in tons

Simple two button operation, Up and Down

Illuminated buttons providing SpectroPress® status

 Programmage Force: to 25 tons in 0.1 ton increments

Accepts Die sets: 0.51" (13mm), 1.26" (32mm) , 1.38" (35mm), 1.57" (40mm) and 1.77" (45mm) diameters

Rapid ram rise and retraction; translates into faster pelletizing

Safety shield


® SpectroPress and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

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Length: 15" (38.1cm)

Width: 11" (27.9cm)

Height:13" (13.0cm)

Weight:75 lbs (34Kg)


115 VAC/60HZ

230 VAC/50Hz


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