940U: SpectroPulverizer® In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit, Grinding Volume 2.82in3 (46.2cm3), Pellet Dia 1.57

940U: SpectroPulverizer® In-Field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit, Grinding Volume 2.82in3 (46.2cm3), Pellet Dia 1.57" (40mm), Universal Voltage

SpectroPulverizer® In-field Sample Grinding and Pelletizing Kit

The SpectroPulverizer® is the perfect companion to any portable XRF analyzer. It is a compact kit to enable in-field grinding and pelletizing to get immediate consistent quantitative results.


Prepare samples “in-field” for XRF analysis

Portable Grinder/Pellet Press

Battery powered

Fast and efficient

Universal voltage charging kit


Kit contains all necessary items in a rugged carrying case

Diameters choose from:

1.25" (32mm) Diameter

1.38" (35mm) Diameter

1.57" (40mm) Diameter

The SpectroPulverizer® Portable Sample Grinder/Pelletizer Kit ideally used to prepare samples in-the-field and used in conjunction with any hand-held portable XRF analyzer. Portability offers the flexibility of use as a mobile laboratory for “in-field” preparations and analysis of samples taken from one or multiple location sites without loss of time for results.

The SpectroPulverizer® combination grinder and pelletizer is uniquely designed with integrated double-sided sample chambers. One chamber is designed for grinding samples into very fine powders and the opposite chamber for pelletizing the ground samples into firm durable pellets supported by re-usable stainless steel rings. Sample preparation is extremely energetic, efficient and amazingly fast. The lightweight hand-held unit operates on a long lasting rechargeable 12V Li-ION battery.

The SpectroPulverizer® Kit contains all essential items in individual sculptured dense foam compartments contained in a rugged carrying case that contains:

Portable Grinder/Pelletizer

Sample chamber, base and plunger

12V Li-ION Battery and recharger

Stainless steel re-usable pellet rings (3)

SpectroVial® brand vials: (8) 20cm3 vial

SpectroBlend® grinding additive (25) ½ gram tablets

Carrying case

® SpectroPulverizer, SpectroVial, SpectroBlend and Chemplex are registered trademarks of Chemplex Industries, Inc.

Reg. US Patent No: 9,339,954

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Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Impacts per minute: 2700

Chamber OD: 3.0" (76.2mm)

Recharger Voltage: 100-240VAC50/60Hz


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SpectroPulverizer® Kit
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SpectroPulverizer® Kit
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SpectroPulverizer® Kit
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